Do you plan to SELL your home in the next few months?  I bet your wondering how you can increase the value of your home for the least out of pocket costs.

Well, when a buyer walks in any home in Maryland, there are three spaces that can really leave an impression: Kitchen, Bathrooms and Basement. This month, I'll give you four low cost upgrades to catch the eye of a buyer walking thru the Kitchen.

Lighting: "It's all about the lighting". Lighting can determine whether or not a buyer adds your house to the top of the list. If the homebuyer loves to cook, then a vibrant well lit kitchen is a must have. Lighting enhances and opens the space. And it showcases the culinary skills of the chef. 




Backsplash Use a exciting backsplash to complement your kitchen cabinets. Measure the area and take a picture of your kitchen cabinets to your favorite home hardware store. Backsplash is as low as $3 per sqft.





Kitchen knobs: If you're not ready to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, upgrading the knobs adds an elegant appearance to the cabinets. Select knobs that compliment your cabinets. 




Faucet: I don't know about you but I absolutely love a kitchen faucet with a pull out sprayer. It adds a special touch as the focal point of the kitchen. 

With new technology, you can even get a hands-free faucet! The faucet's finish (bronze, nickel, etc)  should compliment your ne​​w  kitchen knobs. Keep you eye out for deals!



With these low cost upgrades, your kitchen just became the perfect place for Sunday brunch and holiday meals in the eye of a prospective buyer.

Remember to take a picture of the overall kitchen and a close up picture of the kitchen cabinets to help you select accessories to compliment your space.

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