They said "Get Your Education! Graduate from high school, go to college and get a degree."  They forgot to tell us, “Any student loan you take, you have to pay back. It's a loan.”  Or maybe they did. For some reason loan and gift sound the same when you’re a student living on oodles and noodles, pop tarts and hot pockets. 

A year or two after you graduate, you get a letter addressed to you, not your parents. Lol….It’s time for the first payment. You may have deferred your loans a few times or even asked for a forbearance. Either way, the balance didn’t magically disappear. That’s OK, we’ve all been there.

Student Loans should NOT be your reason for postponing homeownership. For a limited time, the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) “You’ve Earned It”, is offering a .25% discount in the standard mortgage interest rate and $5,000 down payment assistance if you have at least $25K of student loan debt. The income limit is higher than you think, so check it out MMP and You’ve Earned It details. Don't Miss Out!

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